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Technics-floor-speakers, questions on quality technics speakers . panasonic has produced technics speakers for over 50 years. if you need sharp-looking vintage home speakers, check ebay for technics stereo speakers at a reasonable cost.. Technics sb-t300 floorstanding speakers . description this speaker is designed for stereo and home-theater audio component systems. a leaf-style tweeter augments the usual dome high-range driver to deliver clear upper-frequency performance that compliment the extended range that dvd delivers. user reviews ..., technics is the brand of hi-fi audio products such as amplifiers,network audio players, speaker systems and music system solutions.. Useful arts (also called technics) are concerned with the skills and methods of practical subjects such as manufacture and craftsmanship. the word has now gone out of fashion, but it was used during the victorian era and earlier as an antonym to the performing arts and the fine arts., technics floor speakers march 14, 2017 pair of vintage technics sb cr33 2 way tower home floor standing speakers technics sb a28 3 way floor speakers technics sb a26 tower home floor.

Essential information about technics vintage speakers . technics, a brand name operating under the panasonic corporation has been making audio products since 1965. technics speakers come in a variety of different models with their own features and benefits. you can find a large selection of vintage technics speakers for sale on ebay., i have two technics floor speakers model sb-a27 they are selling for an average used cost of 125 per speaker im lookig to get 200$ plus shipping but i will look at any resonable offers so pm me if your interested * registered users of the site do not see these ads. leave trade feedback! view trade history ....

If this information has been helpful to you and/or you would just like to help with expenses regarding the vintage technics database, use the donate link to the right of this message. you are appreciated. we will send you a thank you email and put your name here unless you request otherwise. donate link, i've been coming across these with a fair amount of frequency of late. some look like particleboard junk but a few different towers have had a decent look to them, seemed to be built well with some nice drivers under the hood..

Re: thoughts of an old speaker sb-t100 search on this site for my "ntn" design, using a pair of dayton nd105-4 (4") woofers. it'll do a strong 40hz and has been built in various form factors, including svelt, floor-standing towers.