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Speaker-wire-to-rca-cable-converter, a person who uses audio and video devices doesn't know what rca port is, this can't be happening. we are all familiar with this name. if we take a tv and check its back panel, we'll see that there are two thick ports with differently colored head. these ports are called the rca port. rca output is ... convert speaker wire to rca adapter?". Rca to av screw terminal adapter, 6 pair phono plug solderless converter audio/video speaker wire connectors, cctv applications rca male cable (12 male) by xwell, moborest rca cable audio adapter, phono rca male plug to av screw terminal audio/video speaker wire connectors solderless adapter (solder free rca male-4pack).

Some of us call it ‘converting’ speaker wires to rca cables, rest call it ‘connecting’. no matter the title is, the task itself is quite important if you’re using a modern electric speaker like subwoofers. however, let's talk some basics before heading into the core of this article-what is a rca cable and why use it?did ... -more-container">