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Special-needs-play-equipment, full range of residential and commercial play equipment includes all types of adaptive swings, vestibular swing sets, therapy swings, sensory ball pits, adult disabled swings, high quality floor mats, wheelchair spins, trampolines and not to mention one of the very best wheelchair swing set’s that’s available in australia.. Special needs playground equipment is an important feature to have on every playground to create an inclusive experience for all kids. we carry play units, parts, supplies, and surfacing that provided the safest and most entertaining experience for your kids., universal design | the key to special needs playground equipment. designing a playground to meet the needs of differently-abled children is at first overwhelming. fortunately, if you have kompan playground equipment, you most likely already have special needs playground equipment..

Creative play have the ability to tailor-make products to meet specific requirements, or amend existing items to accommodate special needs considerations, for example, wheelchair friendly ramps, handrails, wheelchair accessible picnic benches and we also have a range already designed to meet the needs of all ages and abilities., let’s look at the importance of playground equipment for children with special needs: socialization: playground equipment designed for children with special needs gives them an environment to play and engage with children without special needs. they make more friends, hence countering the aforementioned problem..

Special needs outdoor playground equipment that will stimulate children's senses, develop social skills and regulate their energy levels. our sen consultants will work with you to create an outdoor environment that will improve children's behavioural traits, emotional feelings, sensory processing, communication skills, social interaction and sustained concentration., playtime is for everybody, so when it comes to creating a play environment that is easily accessible to all, sovereign is here to help. our range of play equipment for children with special educational needs has been carefully designed to promote inclusion and beat isolation in the playground..

Special needs play equipment specializes in all abilities commercial outdoor play equipment, we have sourced the very best commercial playground equipment from around the world. please view our huge range of inclusive playgrounds. commercial outdoor playground equipment., sen play equipment is suitable for a wide variety of ages and abilities. from early years to key stage 2, our special needs outdoor play equipment is ideal for all.. Esp play promote equality in the playground, which is why we have developed a range of outdoor play equipment suitable for children with special needs.