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Teec-nos-pos-rugs, this rug design, named for the teec nos pos trading post is unique. its design appears at first the most reminiscent of the oriental designs introduced by the early traders in their attempt to revitalize navajo weaving, but it is interesting to note that the trader at teec nos pos, h.b. noel said that the design was originated by a missionary in the area.. Large, bold and colorful, teec nos pos boast a weaving unlike any other. history of teec nos pos rugs located in the northeast corner of arizona, teec nos pos rugs rose to prominence in 1905, spinning off of j.b. moore’s crystal weaving style. since that time, teec nos pos rugs have most often displayed one of two unique stylizations—one ..., persian rug influence teec nos pos and its neighbor, red mesa, are located in the northeast corner of arizona. the teec nos pos rug is considered to be one of the most intricately detailed of all navajo rug designs. this regional style owes much to the influence of persian rug designs and the input of early crystal, ne.

Teec nos pos rugs are characterized by intricate designs and fine weaving. these rugs were influenced by j.b. moore and are similar to the nearby red mesa weavings. both teec nos pos and red mesa are located in the northeast corner of arizona. return to all weavings, teec nos pos was recognized as a rug style in the 1950’s. these native american rugs have a persian flamboyance, incorporating bright and bold blue, green, red and orange colored yarns. the oriental style borders of these navajo rugs are wide and lavishly decorated with repeated geometrics. the interior designs of teec nos pos navajo ….

Do you want to see as many national parks as you can? then book our southwest national parks grand circle tour, which includes 7 national parks and an old train ride., teec nos pos style navajo rugs. teec nos pos rugs in the classic style of navajo rugs usually have a decorated border. the center pattern is any geometric design other than a diamond as in a two grey hills or ganado red rug..

Teec nos pos navajo rugs for sale at nizhoni ranch gallery * new items added regularly * visit steve getzwiller's nizhoni ranch gallery online store for the best selection of navajo rug weaving and blankets for sale as well as native american art of all kinds. jewelry. baskets. pottery. learn more.., teec nos pos is a regional navajo weaving area located on arizona route 160, close to the four corners region. weavings from this area involve striking bold designs with complex borders. weavers from this area on the navajo reservation were exposed to persian rugs in the 1920-30s. navajo weavers have taken middle eastern designs and integrated ....

This teec nos pos trading post is a general supply store that also provides many of the tools and material required by the world famous teec nos pos artisans.